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September 2019 News


The Future Is Bright at Sunrise!

Welcome Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Lenders & Shareholders to the Inaugural Sunrise newsletter intended to shed light into the workings of Sunrise Fiberglass LLC. We hope to provide a brief history of where the company began, where we have come to-date and the steps necessary for us to capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our audience for this newsletter is broad, and we believe each are critical stakeholders. From customers and suppliers to employees, lenders, & shareholders all have had and will be essential to Sunrise Fiberglass organization success in the future.

Sunrise Fiberglass traces its roots to a 1968 asset purchase by Chester Rieck using the entity Sunrise Fiberglass Corporation. Over the next 50 years, Sunrise expanded within Wyoming Minnesota Community through four increased size facilities that include the current 54,000 square foot plant. In 2012 the second generation of Chester sold Sunrise Fiberglass Corporation to Sunrise Fiberglass LLC. In 2017, North Central Equity LLC {NCE} purchased the stock of Sunrise Fiberglass LLC.

To help describe the situation at hand, we borrow a quote from Charles Dickins, A Tale of Two Cities.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

While that Charles Dickens quote may relate differently to each stakeholder group, we believe that it concisely describes the situation that we found ourselves. That said, the foundation laid by the Rieck Family was a cornerstone from which to build a future. That cornerstone, complimented by NCE’s dedication to growth has gotten the organization to where we are today and will be what will support future prosperity for all.

Within this inaugural newsletter, we’ll first look back to April 1, 2017, and outline the critical path that we took to arrive at the success realized by June 30, 2019.

Once read, it will become clear how NCE has and will continue to fulfill their intent at acquisition to grow Sunrise Fiberglass. Their dedication to enhanced sales and marketing efforts while simultaneously investing in the people, processes, and plant that make Sunrise Fiberglass a valued asset to each Stakeholder.

This initial newsletter may be a bit longer than one might expect, but, keep in mind, our goal is to condense 27 months of activity to into this piece. To maximize clarity of the read, we will use a Past, Present, Future outline format.

In being the initial foray into reaching all stakeholders in this fashion, please feel free to contact us at with questions, observations, additions, or other changes that you may seek.


Bernard H. Coyle, Jr
Chief Executive Officer

Table of Contents

01. Marketing – Sales

02. Engineering

03. Supply Chain

04. Manufacturing

05. Quality

06. Plant, Property & Equipment

07. Health, Safety & Environmental

08. Human Resources

09. Information Technology

10.Community Relations

11. Legal & Regulatory

12. Finance & Accounting


Marketing – Sales

• On March 31, 2017, the previous Sunrise CEO was also the part time sales person. Clearly a challenge while trying to run the company.

• The customer service function was a single person who also performed purchasing / receiving / stock room.

• There was no social media presence and the website was not Google search friendly so it did not easily show in search functions.

• After the acquisition, the previous CEO stayed for an extended transition period focusing on sales and has now left the organization.

• Today, Sunrise has a dedicated and seasoned CEO, focused on running the company.

• A full-time experienced and well connected VP of Sales has been added. This senior person is focused on new customers and new business as well as supporting the smaller existing customers.

• We’ve developed and launched a very Google friendly {search engine optimized} website.

• Social media via Facebook and LinkedIn is up, updated regularly assisting us with our online ranking.

• For all existing customers, such as Linkbelt whom we’ve serviced since the 90’s, and, others serviced for decades there is a full time customer service agent.

• Today, our sales support staffing has segmented customers by revenue into significant (A, B & C Pareto).

• The operations manager handles face to face contact for the significant revenue existing customers.

Composites are a 24 billion segment of the US economy. Sunrise Fiberglass and fiberglass as a whole fit within the composite industry and we fully plan on acquiring our unfair percentage advancement within that market.

We will achieve our projected growth through focusing our sales and marketing efforts on:
• Those that appreciate our fine finishing capabilities that produce “pretty-production.”
• Servicing those that demand tight certifications such as FAA audits.
• Saying “no” to those seeking mass-production, low quality.

A challenge that sales and marketing must address in the future is significant pricing pressure from our supply-chain. The Federal Reserve Bank charts a Producer Price Index for Fiberglass. Below is a current chart of that Index which indicates significant pricing pressure.

With that in mind, most fiberglass solutions provided by Sunrise Fiberglass utilize a resin with a composite reinforcing material (generally in a 70% / 30% ratio) plus some metal pieces. The metal and reinforcing material commodities used in solutions provided have significant offshore supply chain sources that currently have tariff related pricing pressure. Domestic sources are responding by raising their prices just under the tariff umbrella of their offshore competitors.

For resin, Sunrise most common type uses a blend of hydrocarbon materials that includes DICYCLOPENTADIENE (DCPD). This particular material has 550 million metric tons of global capacity with strong demand in Asia. It is a capital intensive capacity-constrained market which translates into aggressive price increase pressures and tight supply.

Sunrise has diversified its sources to hedge supply concerns, but suppliers can give price increases with only two weeks’ notice. As our July and December 2018 communication to the customers indicate, Sunrise remains committed to working with customers to value engineer with customers their parts to mitigate the pricing pressures. Given the current state of flux in the supply chain, Sunrise cannot promise it can hold prices for 12 month period of 2/1/2019 to 1/31/2020.
Following are a few snapshots of our current audience.



Sunrise at the time of acquisition did not have a formal engineer on staff. It did have a 36 year practical Subject Matter Expert (SME) who works with vendor SME personnel and customer engineers to solve problems.

• In September 2019, at the young age of 66 Steve wants to reduce his work load to a 4-day week. In 2020 he may well reduce his work load further. Sunrise will do everything possible to retain him in some capacity for as long as he wants.

• In the meantime, the grandson of the founder will continue to grow his decades of knowledge under Steve’s tutelage. Additionally, the Operations Manager hired since the acquisition has over 30 years Quality / Engineering experience in the composite industry.

While Sunrise does not design solutions for customers, it does assist in customer value engineering efforts as well as design for manufacturing ability. With the arrival of new business our team approach to engineering solutions never has more focus.

Our approach stresses:
• Continued improvement on customer communications.
• Proposed solutions as their design becomes a reality into patterns, molds, a first article and then into ongoing production.

An interesting story that demonstrates the Sunrise approach.
As evidence of that approach, on November 20, 2017 (Monday of Thanksgiving week) a truck arrived at the Sunrise loading dock with a trailer full of molds and fixtures for a construction equipment OEM that had a financial institution seize the assets of their previous supplier.

This new customer had retrieved their assets from the seized supplier the previous Friday and needed a new supplier now and had worked with Sunrise for the developed new product.
On that cold November day, Sunrise had:

• Limited information on Bills of Materials, Routings, Quality Standards, & drawings.
• The team just rolled up their sleeves and found a way to work with the customer to eliminate the problems at hand.
• Over the next 19 months, Sunrise shipped almost 4,800 combined pieces from 29 unique SKU’s.
• Additionally, the team worked with the customer to value engineer their parts to decrease their acquisition cost for the customer.
• The customer had one part family slated for conversion to metal but did not like the look. The team found a way to achieve the desired look within the existing molds and reduced the customer cost to acquisition to eliminate any further consideration of metal.

We have and will continue our commitment to total-improvement. We will achieve that by:
• Focus on customer communications.
• Added Value Engineering / Lean-Manufacturing processes.
• Improved training and cross training.
• Attraction and retention of a talented and dedicated workforce.

Travis Anttila,
Purchasing Manager, ASV Holdings, Inc.


How long have you worked at ASV and tell me a bit about the products that you make there?

“I’ve been here for over 7-years now and we produce compact track loaders. We manufacture a range of sizes, from a 25hp to a 120hp model. They are perfect for small landscaping projects and residential construction jobs on up to brush cutting and stump grinding acres of excavation. ASV’s all-terrain machines enable you to work in more places and in more conditions so you can get more done every day.”

What was it that caused you to first consider using Sunrise Fiberglass?

“Back in 2017, we had a local fiberglass source that went under without any notice. We had to move quickly to make sure that our lines stay running and our customer deadlines were met. We knew that we needed to scramble quickly to find a solution. Our track loaders can’t leave without hoods or side panels.

So, we did a quick search of regional fiberglass manufactures and found Sunrise, visited them, and quickly determined that they had the capacity, know how and skill that we needed RIGHT NOW. Quickly thereafter, a team from Sunrise, led by Steve Miller, visited our plant and the relationship was set.

Within 48 hours, there was a semi-truck back-up to the Sunrise loading dock with all of our tooling assets. With the incredible knowledge of the Sunrise team, and leadership of Steve Miller, in under two weeks, they were able to piece everything back together, make adjustments that improved outcomes and, were able to keep our line running without ever skipping a beat.”

How has that relationship grown since that initial scramble?

“Whenever we are considering a new line, if there’s fiberglass involved, so is Sunrise Fiberglass. They have consistently provided add value solutions and on-time delivery at a reasonable price.

If a peer was looking for a composite solutions provider, and, they asked your opinion of Sunrise Fiberglass, what would you tell them? I’d start with the four big-points that ever purchasing manager looks for. They have the experience to do what they say, their quality standards meet or exceed what has been promised, they deliver what’s needed to keep things running on-time, all at a very reasonable price.

I’d end it with that they are just great, down-to-earth people to work with.”


Supply Chain

Upon the NCE acquisition of Sunrise there was a single buyer in place that also strived to handle customer service / receiving and stock-room inventory control. None of which was being done well. Two weeks after the acquisition this individual left leaving a number of gaps.

Today, that turmoil no longer exists. Currently, within the operations manager organization there are:

• Two people in receiving / shipping.
• One person in the stock room.
• Two people doing purchasing.
• One buyer focuses on more Bill of Material items while the other more supplies and stock room support.

A diverse customer base ranging from 24 to 30 unique customers and growing demand that we have an enhanced supply chain functionality.

In any given calendar quarter that demand varying degrees of traceability and compliance’s to both domestic and foreign standards, buying merchandise for bills of materials is not a part-time job, and we need to have assurances in place that underscore our commitment to on-time, on budget deliveries.

Sunrise has over 725 unique SKUs sold to customers within the last 3 year period. 700 unique Bill of Material Raw Material SKUs on hand, and over 425 unique non-Bill of Material supply SKU’s on hand to support production of those unique SKUs sold.
Sunrise has significant work ahead to maintain full compliance with customer needs in this area. We are fully confidant that through our commitment and plan for Total Improvement we will achieve success in this moving into the future.



In April of 2017 Sunrise had:
• The current Materials Manager running a single shift manufacturing function with no real materials management function.

• A Job Boss MRP system in a binary manufacturing environment {either labor or machines control the schedule} but improperly implemented {incomplete and inaccurate bills of materials & routers}.

Note: Sunrise is a non-binary environment {chemical reactions control things as well as many other variables}.

• At this time, personnel did not understand the distinctions between parts lists and indented bills of materials nor did the MRP costing system align with the bidding approach.

Today there is a complete manufacturing function that embraces a “Lean-Manufacturing-Process” operating over three different shifts within the whole operations organization.

The “Lean” philosophy is the foundation to a culture of embracing change, process controls / documentation, and cross training talent that allows Sunrise to focus on delivering On-Time and On-Budget Solutions to its customers.

Moving forward, Sunrise will continue to invest in generating proper manufacturing documentation. This documentation will be achieved through:

• Training of personnel to improve upon labor and material yield.

• Allowing for manufacturing to effectively be maintained and function appropriately across the current three shifts.



Upon acquisition, Sunrise had a retired military gentleman handling Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental. Within weeks, it became clear that he was unfortunately over his head, and was reluctant to training, therefore was terminated.

A candidate search for a new Quality Manager yielded an individual that at the time was the Chair-Elect of the MN section of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). The major customers appreciate dealing with an accomplished quality professional such as this gentleman.

• Currently Sunrise has an ISO 9000:2008 complaint Quality Management System.

• As Sunrise has expanded its reach into new opportunities, those customers seek an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

• Sunrise is on the road to a Q4 2020 achievement of that goal.

• Sunrise has passed an FAA audit, major customer audits, and carries an ITAR certification.

Below is a graph showing Sunrise continued effort to decrease defects at a major customer:


Plant, Property, & Equipment

The current building was approaching its 20th year in operation. Sunrise did not have an equipment preventative maintenance program in place.

Today, a preventative maintenance program has been adopted, yet, many equipment pieces no longer have replacement parts available. To rectify that, Sunrise has embarked on a plan to steadily replace those pieces that have exceeded their useful life. An example of investments to date:

• Upgraded lighting throughout the plant to achieve OSHA foot candles on work surfaces, utilize energy efficient illumination devices, and motion sensors to turn off lights in vacant areas.

• Upgraded robot fixture system from an inefficient VENTURI based approach from the central compressed air system to a dedicated vacuum system.

• Replaced vacuum system in the RTM production area.

• Relocated RTM area from an inappropriate ventilation area to within the controlled lamination ventilation environment.

• Improved product flow and increased grind room capture air velocity by shrinking size of grind room and opening two new fire-break controlled openings from warehouse into main production areas.

• Installed new GEL COAT system so as to provide the granite look to products for a new customer.

• Installed new putty dispensing system from 55 gallon drums to support a new customer.

• Purchased additional carts to handle increased customer mold volume.

Sunrise has hired several engineering firms to make recommendations for improved building ventilation, add capacity in process constrained areas, and improve overall product flow. Sunrise hopes to move forward with the changes in Q4 2019 / Q1 2020 with the appropriate approval from MN Pollution Control Agency.

Sunrise operates under a Theory of Constraints (TOC)approach to planning and scheduling given the diverse mix and volume of jobs. At present the two primary constraint areas for time availability are the GEL COAT and robot areas. As the business migrates to more multiple mold jobs and the OSHA pressures of 8 hour dust exposure to employees increases, the business will face greater shift from manual grind to robot grind.

This will add further stress to the current single robot at the plant. Another significant cost saving opportunity resides in painting where Sunrise out sources finished painting due to the limitations of current paint booth. The current paint booth may provide a source of increased GEL COAT capacity but there is some significant CAPEX under consideration to relocate that booth and to solve constraints at GEL COAT, Robot, and cost savings at paint booth.


Health, Safety, & Environmental (HSE)

Prior management of Sunrise was not placing adequate emphasis on the health, safety, and environmental aspects of running the company and employee safety and reducing of environmental risks in operating the plant.  New ownership initiated a plan for a more robust and diligent plan to monitor the plant environment and complete the necessary health and safety compliance and preventive maintenance tasks necessary for the sound operation of a composite fiberglass plant.

Environmental testing is completed on a regular basis.  As various retained engineering firms made recommendations along with insurance carrier loss prevention program employees, compliance and preventative health and safety maintenance routines have been implemented over the past 27 months. Today, the plant does not look, smell or feel like it did on April 3, 2017 when the business was acquired.

Sunrise has also received, worked out and complied with the terms of an OSHA audit, and worked voluntarily with OSHA to correct and improve operation of the plant in a few areas that OSHA found to be deficient.

Sunrise entered into a consent agreement with MN OSHA and it now strives to reduce grinding room dust exposure. The issue is the engineering controls to remove dust from the employee work area do not achieve the appropriate impact. To date:

• Sunrise has decreased the size of the room significantly to increase capture air velocity.

• We have hired the original firm that supplied the equipment decades ago to evaluate the installation and found that areas that needed improvement.

• Sunrise is working through the recommended modifications to the installation to achieve MN OSHA standards.

• We file regular reports, show progress, and request extensions until the controls exist.

Implementing Health, Safety & Environmental changes starts with communications with workers.  At Sunrise, management developed a communications plan that focuses on addressing one of the biggest challenges operating a company like Sunrise – keeping senior and new employees updated and aware of the hazards in their work  environment and how to complete work in a safe manner.  

Sunrise now has monthly health, safety, and environmental meetings focused on assuring that everyone follows current and proper protocols to reduce the risk of injury or other environmental hazards or accidents in the workplace.  Protocols include preventive maintenance, accident containment procedures and other protocols that assure all employees are maintaining appropriate safety measures and the appropriate engineering controls while working. 

These monthly meetings are important to continuously keep all employees aware of the importance of these health, safety, and environmental issues to avoid any serious injuries or medical conditions caused by environmental risks resulting in accident and loss to Sunrise and injury to any employees of Sunrise.  The goal is to minimize or avoid any injury or health issues to any employees as a result of safety or environmental issues at Sunrise or to minimize any such risk and loss.  A constant focus on safety in the work environment will assist Sunrise in attaining these goals.


Human Resources

When we took over at Sunrise, there were 20 employees on the floor supplying value added activity to the customer. And, as we’ve pointed out earlier in the newsletter, most were great, some had better days, and, others were not able to get on the train.
What we knew going into this was, it will be the diversity of people, talents and environment that will allow us to meet our goals.

As of June 30, 2019 there were 50 employees doing value added customer activity and 10 were present from the acquisition. This 40 person growth has placed stress on organization that prior to April 2017 was a person controlled not a process controlled environment.

As we reviewed processes that were in place we discovered that “I don’t need no prints” or “ask Steve, Johnnie, or Tim” was the primary knowledge transfer mechanism. That environment does not scale to multiple shifts of Sunrise today. As Sunrise solves the challenges of culture, process controls / documentation and training that Intellectual Property is a barrier to penetration from competitors and a fuel to accelerate growth.

Over the past 24 months to support that value added labor growth, Sunrise has developed and delivered a new employee reference guide with new legal documentation as well as surveyed employees to see what they like and dislike about Sunrise. To recruit the best talent we took a crawl, walk, run approach and first listened to the Sunrise staff. To do so we used employee surveys to help minimize cultural divides’ which allowed us to target advertising. With the current unemployment rate being under 2%, we knew that multiple methods and a mix of tactics was going to be critical in achieving our staffing requirements.

    Our marketing efforts began with, yet were not limited to:

    • Temp to Hire agency activity.
    • Job board postings.
    • Social media activity.
    • Grass-roots flyers at locations in English and Spanish.
    • Company website videos and job postings.

    Once these efforts were in place, we quickly came to realize that we needed to add more energy to the recruitment effort. To do so, we again turned to current employees with a survey to define what they listen to or watch on their free-time, from that survey we were able to:

    • Determined digital broadcast would be key to our efforts.
    • Define which shows were being watched, and, times that they were watching them.

    With that information in hand, we worked with the local CBS affiliate to establish an online buy based upon a known target audience. Ultimately, those efforts resulted in:

    • The creation of two 30-second spots.
    • Broadcast over a 13 week digital streaming-media buy of $20,000.
    • All spots being placed within zip codes within a 25 mile radius of Sunrise.
    • During shows and times defined by the current employee survey.

    To-date, these efforts produced a dramatic spike in website views from targeted demographic and a corresponding increase in resumes. During the same period, Sunrise has instituted referral bonuses, subsidized vending, bonus plan and finally a $1.00 across the board hourly wage increase.

      We know that diversity will be the key to our success in the future. Diversity in our customer base, our jobs / projects, and most importantly, our employees. We also know that training will be paramount to our success. To address that, we are implementing a series of video training tools, that will add focus and cross training, which provides diversity of responsibilities on any given day.

      Highlighting Key Employees
      Here are a few of those that make up the foundation of diversified workforce. Be sure to check out their profiles.

      Johnathan Kramn

      6/28 – 11 years

      Read Profile

      Tyler Anton

      Read Profile

      Schenia Finche

      Read Profile

      Tim Rieck

      Read Profile

      Ed Andrews

      Steven Miller

      6/30 – 39 Years

      Read Profile

      Additional Anniversaries!

      Mary Jo Hurrle

      4/23 – 23 Years

      Terry Wagenius

      1/14 – 17 Years

      Robert Bormes

      4/24 – 16 years


      Information Technology

      At the acquisition, the Sunrise data network had voice over IP phones, 30 some video cameras, and a host of desktops / workstations daisy chained together with switches not designed for the environment. It had two DSL lines to the outside world which were like using a swizzle stick to drink a soda from the glass. The main server was over a decade old and not configured to support the environment.

      After spending CAPEX on hardware, significant purchased services for time and effort from our network vendor, Giga bit cable pipe with the DSL as redundant back-up, and software upgrades, Sunrise has a functioning data environment that is not an embarrassment when dealing with targeted customers.

      Fast forward 27 Months with periodic visits from a Job Boss Subject matter expert to help with getting the Sunrise installation functioning within the limitations of that software, he acknowledges that Sunrise knows more about how his system functions than the Subject Matter Experts within Job Boss.  Sunrise now gets the information it needs to better manage the business.  The issue now is how to best respond to the information being provided.  This information analysis and response is at the core to evolving the operational Intellectual Property so as to operate across multiple shifts and most likely multiple locations.


      Community Relations

      In December 2018, Sunrise had a second annual most successful food and clothing drive to promote positive spin in the community.

      In July 2019, Sunrise has a scheduled Congressional Meet and Great with Minnesota 8th Congressional Representative Peter Stauber, Community Leaders, and plant personnel at their Wyoming site.

      It was through the planning and facilitation of this event that opened a dialog resulting in the prospects of future opportunities. Since this event took place, the leadership of Sunrise Fiberglass, has now opened doors that before this event were closed in the past.
      Furthermore, as a direct result, Sunrise Fiberglass, has been invited by the City of Wyoming to participate in a regional internship program. Furthermore, Sunrise Fiberglass was asked to participate in an open dialog between State Association, their members, and elected officials in representation to issues related to the composite industry.


      Legal & Regulatory


      As mentioned previously under Health, Safety, and Environmental, the management under prior ownership was cutting all the important health, safety, and environmental compliance matters to the bone to save money, to the detriment of employee morale and at the expense of increasing risk to Sunrise in its operations and its employee’s health and safety.  The workers compensation claims were up and the experience rating for the company was high because of higher workers compensation claims and injuries.  Such injuries and claims were higher than they should have been because Health, Safety, and Environmental concerns were not given priority by prior management.


      Sunrise has no pending lawsuits or claims against or initiated by any third party against it at the present time.  It has no lawsuits or claims pending with any of its employees either.  The incidents of worker injury are way down and the worker’s compensation experience rating has decreased.  On the regulatory front, Sunrise is current with all of its regulatory or other operating permits.  It is in the process of renewing its existing air quality permit with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in Minnesota and it is working diligently to finish that process with the MPCA this fall, having submitted the application and related data for a reissuance permit in March, 2019.  The process of renewing the permit is ongoing and will include discussions with MPCA engineers prior to approval of the reissuance permit if necessary.  The permit provides for handling the particle matters and air quality of the air vented out of the facility as a result of the composite fiberglass fabrication in this facility.

      After that permit is reissued, Sunrise will also complete the replacement of some air handling equipment within the facility that will further reduce the styrene smell of “fiberglass” resin material in the plant and will improve the air flow and environment in which the Sunrise employees work each day and generally improve the overall plant operations. 


      Finance & Accounting

      After a careful review of the books, we quickly realized that the Chart of Accounts made little sense. From a cost tracking perspective, did not track how Sunrise operated, and we were not aligned to how Sunrise bid on work. Or, in other words, if the scorekeeper is not keeping track of the score of the game being played, then you do not know whether you are pitching or catching. As a business operator, this lack of alignment contributed to the loss of sales among other things.

      Within 30 days, Sunrise had an appropriately aligned and modified Chart of Accounts and implemented a Contribution margin based bidding system.

      While the financial performance has not produced the desired smiles from Stockholders, they recognize the adverse impact of employee growth / recruitment, learning curve on new customers / jobs for existing customers, changing the culture / processes, and dealing with deferred maintenance on performance. Furthermore, Sunrise Fiberglass was asked to participate in an open dialogue between State Association, their members, and elected officials in representation to issues related to the composite industry.

      Thank You


      Thank you to the audience for getting this far into this newsletter. We hope that you now realize why the borrowed Tale of Two Cities quote was so appropriate, and, we hope that you enjoy the ride as our story continues to be told. As Sunrise reaches the launch of the next phase in its evolution, we ponder if we’ve adequately:

      • Changed the Culture.
      • Recruited the needed talent that fit the mold in order to grow the business.
      • Developed the protocols / process controls / documentation to operate on multiple shifts.
      • Delivered the required training for personnel to be successful.
      • Instilled the HSE awareness and maintained the engineering controls to assure success.

      The above five items make for many a restless night. We would like to think that Sunrise has done enough to overcome the challenges ahead and will produce smiles from all stakeholders in 2019. In closing, to quote an old tobacco advertising campaign regarding Sunrise “You have come a long way baby” both over the 50 some years’ since your founding and the 27 months since the NCE acquisition. Sunrise acknowledges to quote a song “you have only just begun” in your evolution to sustained smiles from all stakeholders. To the readers of this newsletter quoting an AMTRAK conductor “Welcome Aboard” as we chronical the evolution ahead through the passages within the forthcoming newsletters.

      Copyright 2018 Sunrise Fiberglass, LLC. All Rights Reserved