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Quality Management System

Working toward being ISO-9000 compliant. Commitment to standards.
Compliant with FDA and FAA requirements.
Certificates of compliance, NAFTA

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Sunrise utilizes JOB BOSS ERP System to manage supply chain and customer requirements in order to maintain timelines, budgets and just in-time delivery. Ultimately allowing our customers to maintain their production timelines and end-use customer requirements.

Customer Design Assistance (CAD)

CAD Services (Computer Aided Design) – Our customers have come to realize that at Sunrise Fiberglass CAD Services are provided for much more than just reading files that are submitted to us. Our CAD Specialists use the latest CAD technology to optimize designs submitted assuring that we are providing solutions that increase our customers productivity, the quality of the design, and the ultimate end use of the product. Once a design solution has been finalized and agreed to by our customers, we implement that design to, improve communications through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing. Ultimately resulting in customer focused solutions that provide significant economic impact for our customers.

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