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Sunrise Fiberglass


Sunrise Fiberglass, LLC offers a wide range of services for creating molds, custom resin composites fabrications, assembly, and finishing to meet your product needs. Our expert knowledge and experience with composite fabrication makes us an unmatched leader in the industry, able to handle small to very large product offerings.

To many contract manufacturing represents submitting a quote, taking an order, then producing parts. When companies select Sunrise Fiberglass, they are hiring an experienced, highly qualified team of professionals dedicated to providing the best solutions possible that meet and exceed customer expectations. We thoroughly document and monitor the entire process the initial quote on through production. We pride ourselves in partnering with regional, national and international customers often succeeding where our competition has failed to meet specifications, deadlines, or budgets. We use industry standard applications, complimented by state-of-the-art technology, a highly trained and skilled workforce, and  a commitment to provide FRP solutions done right, the first time.



Whether it is a large or small run, one-off or ongoing parts, request a quote and see how competitive our prices and turn-times can be.

Design for Composite Manufacturing

Sunrises assists customers in their Design for Manufacturing (DFM) efforts. Your concept, whether it be a CAD drawing, print, or sketch, will first be analyzed to ensure it can be manufactured. Then, using the latest technology, our CAD specialists will assist you in optimizing your design for the best quality end product. Once your design has been finalized, we can implement that design via thorough communication and to create a database for manufacturing, ultimately resulting in customer focused solutions that provide significant economic impact to you.


Onsite Services

We will send our expert technicians to your site to repair damaged items, or modify any existing pieces you may have. Strong, long lasting, non-conductive, weather resistant, cost effective, design friendly, and repairable, composites offer many benefits over traditional raw materials, so let Sunrise Fiberglass partner with you to create whatever it is you desire.

Sunrise Contract Manufactures Customer Proprietary Parts

Sunrise makes proprietary parts for a range of industries and usages. Customers have the option to assemble and finish the produced parts, or we can assembleand finish the parts. We also provide automotive finishes.

Sunrise Manufactures Sunrise Proprietary Parts

Boom Angle Indicator

We make our own proprietary parts, such as a Boom Angle Indicator that crane operators use to calculate the practical lift load capability of the crane based upon the angle of the boom.


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